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Finding the right remodeling contractor:

1. Finding the right remodeling contractor is the first step needed in doing a home remodeling job. See to it that you hire a professional contractor who is familiar with the building codes with your area to prevent extreme expenses.

2. Pay attention to the contracts. Take note of the bid details, and what the bid amount covers. Detailed contracts can prevent costly mistakes and will help you to keep track of the prices required in the project to includes the materials used in the remodeling.

3. Planning ahead will help you save money and define your budget. Make sure to go through the design process first and then choose all the products and material selections that you want to include in the contract to avoid confusion and unnecessary changes.

4. One effective way to decrease the cost of your remodeling project is with product choices. Try to compare products and their prices so you can come up with high and looking materials for less. Make careful decisions in selecting the materials to use. Your decisions should not merely be based on the price but on the quality and value of the products.

5. Get recommendations. Talk to family, friends, co-workers and anyone else whose opinion you trust. Look in your regional remodeling publications for articles on contractors who have completed projects in your area. Magazine editors prefer to work with reputable, professional contractors.


• Why should I choose Regency Remodeling to help me with my project needs?

Regency Remodeling is a full service remodeling company committed to quality service and excellent customer care. We provide you with services from planning and design to construction and implementation. Our highly skilled and expert handymen will give you the best service at a reasonable price.

• What are the remodeling services provided?

Regency Remodeling is a full time remodeling contractor that provides kitchen, bathroom, deck, plumbing, lighting, window and door services. Through the efforts of our experienced staff, we are able to come up with the project that you’ve always dreamed of.

• Do you clean the job site after the job has been completed?

Yes. We clean the working area and protect the rest of the home from dust and dirty footprints.  We see to it that the work area is kept clean of clutter and garbage. The project will be left clean after the remodeling is done.

• How can I make sure that I do not overpay for home service projects?

Regency Remodeling has built its reputation on providing its clients with excellent service as well as for being transparent when it comes to bids and contract. We see to it that the project requirements, materials used, and the agreements between our clients are detailed in the contact so that problems will not occur.

• What do you do if you received complaints from a customer?

In doing home remodeling projects, communication between the remodeling contractor and homeowners is very important. Regency Remodeling makes communication open with its client to avoid conflict and also to come up with quality work that suites the needs of the clients.

• Do you finish the project in timely manner?

We finish your projects as you’ve requested on the contract in time so that you won’t be inconvenienced for any longer than necessary. We will complete your project with attention to detail giving you the best service you deserve.

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